Looking for a new career? Starting a small business? Changing your life’s direction?

A website is fabulous for opening up your world – and in the era of privacy concerns, it’s also a useful way to validate digital identity.

Owning a website is like owning a house: the front door opens up to visitors, but the inside is all about you. Visitors hear about you elsewhere, and they’re curious to see what’s inside.

Your own website controls your appearance to the world of Social Media. It’s also beneficial to your career.

Here are 5 ways your own website can help your career.

Which one sounds most like you?

  1. Looking for a new career
  2. Starting a small business
  3. Making money from home
  4. Showcasing your talents
  5. Changing your life

Scenario One – Looking for a new career
Employers mine social media to build a profile of prospective employees. Information from all your social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, and elsewhere online) is included on these profiles.

Now, imagine if employers saw your own website first! You’d make a different, and more professional, impression. Your resume – the way you’d like it to read – is presented prominently, along with examples of your work. Visitors can reach you easily. You control what’s on display. What a great way to stand out from the crowd!

Scenario Two – Starting a small business
Websites are a necessity for small business owners. Customers locate products and services online, so not only will your site give you credibility, but will allow you to reach a larger market of customers. Having a newsletter and/or social media page in conjunction with your site allows you to keep your customers informed and up-to-date. Besides, it’s environmentally friendly!

Scenario Three – Making money from home
Did you know that just having a website can earn you money? Ad placement (for example, pay-per-click) is one of the most popular ways to monetize a website. There are other ways too, including selling ads or ad space, hosting webinars, writing tutorials, publishing books or “e-guides”, blogging, and e-mail marketing are all ways having your own domain can provide you with an income. Commission opportunities are everywhere!

Scenario Four – Showcasing your talents
What do athletes, musicians, and junk food addicts have in common? They all have their own sites to share their original content. Your own site makes you “legitimate”, and it impresses an audience way more than a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube page.

Scenario Five – Changing your life
Websites are great hobbies, but let’s face it: we all waste a lot of time online. If there was one site where you could go to get what you need, would you use it? Whether you’re trying to learn new skills, promote your book, or find inner peace, you can have a site for that! You’ll be amazed at what you learn in the process.

Don’t let social media do the talking for you! Get a website and help your career – Be your own voice!

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